Department of Oriental Studies

Teaching of the Oriental Studies came into existence together with the Dawei Collage, but permanent staff is not yet. In 1983, the Oriental Studies Department was started with only one permanent staff and minor students. Dawei Collage was stept by stept promoted to the Dawei University in year 2000. Now, The Oriental Studies Department has 7 academic staff members and 193 undergraduate students in 2019-2020 Academic Year. The 7 academic staff members are 2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 2 Lecturers and 2 Tutors.

            The Oriental Studies Department offer courses leading to Bachelor of Arts and currently there are 18 BA degree holders in 2018-2019 Academic Year. In the next year(2020-2021), Master Programme will be introduced.

            For the undergraduate  students, our Department offers the following Modules.

            -Pāli Language

            – Pāli Literature(Prose & Poetry)

            – Pāli Literature(Canonical & Non-Canonical)

            -Buddhist thought

            – Buddhist Art & Architecture

            – Buddhist Culture

            -History of Buddhism

            – History of Pāli Literature in Myanmar

            -Sanskrit Language and Literature



            -Rājakumāra Inscription

            -Kakyāṇῑ Inscription

            -Aśokan Inscriptions

            These Modules are very effective for good quality of researchers and all students (Major & Minor). In the Department, a departmental Library is set up for reference books of staff members and researchers. Academic and research programmes are being carried out in the Department of Oriental Studies, Dawei University.

            Students of the Oriental Studies Department also participate in the almost activities of Dawei University such as sports, literacy, religion, social welfare, funfair, art performance, etc.