Department of Philosophy

The Philosophy Department came into existence on 23rd May 1977 since Dawei College was founded. At this time, Daw Si Si, Tutor, was head of department of Philosophy in 1977 to 1979. Now, Dr Mar Mar Kyi, Professor is head of this department. Dr Aye Thet Thet Win is also a Professor in Philosophy department. In Philosophy department, there are seven staffs including the two Professors _ two Associate Professors: Dr Thida Myo and Daw Mar Mar Cho, two Lecturers: U San Yu Shein and Dr Phyo Theingi, and one Assistant Lecturer- Daw Hlaing Hlaing Myint.
Before 1999 Academic year, Philosophy major had not yet in Dawei College. It is only for minor subjects. In 1999, first batch of Philosophy students was born. At the time, besides Philosophy Major, she can give lecture to learn other subjects as a minor subject such as Mathematics, English, Myanmar, Psychology, Geography, History and Oriental Studies majors. Today, there are seventeen programs to give lecture.
All of the students should learn Philosophy subject to be good criticized and to be good philosophized in their socio-economic relationship and in their political scene, balance in judgment. So, Philosophy can help you to be good citizen.
For first year Philosophy major, there are two subjects such as Deductive Logic I & II and Introduction to Western Philosophy I &II for an Academic year ( Semester I and II ). Likewise, in second year major, it has four subjects as Eastern Philosophy I & II, Inductive Logic I & II, Twentieth century Western Philosophy I & II, and The Cultural and Ethical Aspects of Environmental Conservation I & II. To learn for Third year Philosophy students and First year Honors students, it includes five subjects – Western Aesthetics (Semester I) & Eastern Aesthetics (Semester II), Advanced Logic I & II, Philosophy of History I & II, Myanmar Culture and Myanmar Ways of Thinking I & II, and Ethics I (Theoretical Ethics) (Semester I) & Ethics II (Applied Ethics)(Semester II).
In Fourth year and second year Honors, there are six subjects – Philosophy of Religion I & II, Problems of Philosophy I & II, Research Methodology in Philosophy I & II, Political Philosophy (West) & Political Philosophy (East), and Philosophy of Language I & II. In Qualifying and Third year Honors, it consists Issues in Indian Philosophy (Semester I) and Issues in Chinese Philosophy (Semester II), Issues in Western Philosophy I & II, Philosophy of Education I & II, Topic in Buddhism I & II, Ethics of Virtue I (Plato) (Semester I) & Ethics of Virtues II (Aristotle) (Semester II), and
Selected Philosophical Writings I & II. For semester I in Master degree first year, Logic and Research Methodology, Social Philosophy, Axiological Studies and then Special Topics in Eastern Philosophy are also taught them. In Semester II, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Historical Studies, Philosophy of Culture and Special Topics in Western Philosophy are taught the students including presentation of project paper. In second year master degree, they report master theses.
Furthermore, for first year minor subjects such as Myanmar major, English major, History major, Psychology major, Oriental Studies major, Law Major, Logic in Practice I & II are also taught. In second year minor subjects as Myanmar major, English major & History major, Psychology major, Law major are teaching Aesthetics I & II, History of Western Intellectual Development I & II, Ethics of Environmental Conservation I & II, and Philosophy of Law respectively.
(235) students are graduated, and (6) B A Honors, (2) M A were gotten graduate degree respectively for every academic years from 2003-04 to 2018-2019. Now, (3) M A Postgraduate students, (6) First Honors, (9) Second Honors, (5) Third Honors, (3) Qualifying, (329) undergraduate students are lecturing.
We can research in each field such as Environmental, Aesthetics, Ethical, Political & Legal, Cultural & Religion, Business, Socio-economic, Educational field. So, each citizen, especially generations need to know logical thinking to be good criticizing and also to avoid two extreme views.

SrNameDesignation/ DepartmentEducationE-MailPhoto
1Dr. Daw Mar Mar KyiProfessor(Head)/ PhilosophyBA (Philosophy), BA(Hons) (Philosophy), MA(Philosophy), PhD (Philosophy)
2Dr. Daw Aye Thet Thet WinProfessor/ PhilosophyBA (Philosophy), MA(Philosophy), PhD (Philosophy)
3Dr. Daw Thida MyoAssociate Professor/ PhilosophyBA (Philosophy), MA(Philosophy), PhD (Philosophy)
4Daw Mar Mar ChoAssociate Professor/ PhilosophyBA (Philosophy), MA(Philosophy)
5U San Yu SheinLecturer/ PhilosophyBA (Philosophy), MA(Philosophy)
6Dr. Daw Phyo TheingiLecturer/ PhilosophyBA(Hons) (Philosophy), MA(Philosophy), M.Res (Philosophy), PhD (Philosophy)
7Daw Hlaing Hlaing MyintAssistant Lecturer/ PhilosophyBA (Philosophy), MA(Philosophy)