Department of History

History Department   

  The History Department came into existence since 1977 – Colleague and 1982 Dawei Regional Colleague was founded. U Myint Saw was head of Department of History in 1984-1985. Now Dr Yi Yi Shwe, Professor is head of this department. Dr Nwe New, this is also a Professor in History Department.

  In History department there are 17 staffs including the two Professors, four Associate Professor: Dr Naw Moe Moe Aye, Dr Mar Mar Aye, Dr Mar Mar Than and Dr Myint Myint Khine, ten lecturers – Daw Nwe Nwe Win, Daw Soe Soe, U Myint Oo, Daw Aye Aye Maw, U Ye Win Htun, U Naung Naung Oo, Dr Hlaing Thin Aung, Daw Khin Nyein Nyein San,  Daw Myint Myint Aye andU Win Hlain.U Phyo Min is only one of History Department.

For first year History major, there are two subjects such as Political Theories I&II and World History I&II for an Academic year (Semester I and II). Likewise, in Second year major, Ancient Myanmar I&II, Ancient Southeast Asia, World History 1900 to Present I&II, Political Organization I&II for an Academic year (Semester I and II). To learn for Third year History students and First year Honors students, it includes five subjects- Modern Myanmar I&II, Modern Southeast Asia I&II, Modern China I&II, Modern Russia I&II, Modern India I&II for an Academic year (Semester I and II).

In Fourth Year and Second Year Honors; there are five subjects – Myanmar Historiography I&II, Myanmar historical Literature I&II, Contemporary Southeast Asia I&II, Modern Middle East I&II, International Relations since 1945 I&II for an Academic year (Semester I and II).

In Qualifying Year, there are six subjects – Historical Research and Writing I&II, Western Historiography I&II, Myanmar Epigraphy I&II, Constitutional history of Myanmar I&II, Environmental History I&II, Economic History of Myanmar I&II for an Academic year (Semester I and II). In First Year M.A, there are four subjects – Contemporary United State of America, Contemporary China, Traditional Statecraft in Southeast Asia, Sources of Myanmar History and Research Methodology for an Academic year (Semester I ) and Contemporary Myanmar, Contemporary Europe, Contemporary International Relations of Southeast Asia, Myanmar Art and Architecture for an Academic year (Semester II).

(496) students are graduated an (9) B,A Hons; 21 (M.A) were gotter graduate degree respectively for every academic year and (706) undergraduate students are lecturing.

1Dr.Daw Yi Yi ShweProfessor /Head/HistoryB.A(History),Mphil(History)
M.A(History), PhD(History)
2Dr.Daw New NewProfessor /HistoryB.A(History),Mphil(History)
M.A(History), PhD(History)
3Dr.Naw Moe Moe AyeAssociate Professor /HistoryB.A(Hons)(History).M.A(History)
4Dr.Daw Mar Mar AyeAssociate Professor /HistoryB.A(Hons)(History).M.A(History)
5Dr.Daw Mar Mar ThanAssociate Professor /HistoryB.A(History).M.A(History)
6Dr.Daw Myint Myint KhineAssociate Professor /HistoryB.A(Hons)(History).M.A(History)
7Daw New New WinLectureB.A(History).M.A(History)
8Daw Soe SoeLectureB.A(History).M.A(History)
9U Myint OoLectureB.A(Hons)(History).M.A(History)
10Daw Aye Aye MawLectureB.A(History).M.A(History)
11U Naung Naung OoLectureB.A(Hons)(History).M.A(History)
12U Ye Win HtunLectureB.A(Hons)(History).M.A(History)
13Dr.Daw Hlaing Thin AungLectureB.A(History),M.A(History),
14Daw Khin Nyein Nyein SanLectureB.A(Hons)(History),M.A(History),

15Daw Myint Myint AyeLectureB.A(Hons)(History),M.A(History),

16U Win HlaingLectureB.A(Hons)(History),M.A(History),

17U Phyo MinTutorB.A(Hons)(History),M.A(History),