Department of Myanmar

Department of Myanmar

 Brief History of Department of Myanmar

Tanintharyi Division Regional College has Firstly opened in May, 1977. Head of Department of Myanmar was Daw Than Than (Assistant Lecture) Now (Dr.Than Than Professor, Head (Retd) Dagon University ).

When she worked from 1977 to 1982, She performed as the chair person of Literature and Culture committee that was  celebrated for Myanmar Language skills competitions.

College anniversary show was held in 1977-78. In this year, Daw Than Than taught Myanmarsar to Arts major students. In 1978-79, she taught Myanmarsar to Arts, Science Mathematics and science Biology. Now she lives in Melbourne Township Australia with her daughters Dr. Ei Thu Aung and Dr. Phyo Thu Zar Aung.

Today, Professor (Head) of Department of Myanmar is Dr. Kyu Kyu Myint and Professor is Dr Mon Mon Aung . There are Associate Professors (4), Lecturers (9), Assistant Lecture (2) and Tutor (1) that is totally 18 members in the Department of Myanmar.

The Courses of 2019-2020 academic years are First year, Second year, Third year, Honours First year, Fourth year, Qualified, Master First year (Linguistics), Master second year (Linguistics), Master second year (Linguistics) courses.

The graduated persons from 2000 to 2020 are 74 persons of B.A (Myanmar), 29 persons of B.A (Hons), 58 persons of M.A (Myanmar), 9 persons of (Myanmar).

The students of Myanmar in 2019-2020 academic years are totally 474 students.

Dr Kyu Kyu MyintProfessor(Head)/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), PhD (Myanmar)(Literature)
Dr Mon Mon AungProfessor /MyanmarBA (Myanmar),MA (Myanmar Studies), PhD (Linguistics), Dip in
Dr Aye Nu KyiAssociate Professor /MyanmarBA(Hons) (Myanmar),MA (Myanmar), PhD (Myanmar)(Literature)-
Dr Su Su NewAssociate Professor /MyanmarBA(Hons) (Myanmar),MA (Myanmar), PhD (Myanmar)(Literature)
Dr Zun Pwint ShweAssociate Professor /MyanmarBA(Hons) (Myanmar),MA (Myanmar), PhD (Linguistics)
Dr Myo MinAssociate Professor /MyanmarBA(Hons) (Myanmar),MA (Myanmar), Mres (Myanmar), PhD (Linguistics)
U Nyam TheinLrcturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar)(Literature)-
Dr Zaw Moe WinLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), PhD ((Linguistics)
Dr ThidarLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), PhD (Linguistics)
Dr Moe Moe SanLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), PhD (Linguistics) rainrainflower
Daw Tin HmweLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar)(Literature) HmweHmwe
Dr Htar Htar LwinLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar),MRes(Myanmar), PhD (Literature)
Daw Hla Theingi AungLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar)(Linguistics)
Dr Ei Ei TheintLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), MRes(Myanmar), PhD (Linguistics)
Dr Kay Khine NyeinLecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), BA(Hons)(Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), PhD (Myanmar)
Dr Win BoAssistant Lecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), MRes(Myanmar), PhD (Myanmar) (Literature)
U Kyaw Soe PaingAssistant Lecturer/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), MA (Myanmar), MRes(Myanmar)(Literature)
Daw Thandar MoeTutor/MyanmarBA (Myanmar), MA (Myanmar) (Literature)