Department of Physics

           The department of physics came into existence together with Dawei college in 1977.   U Thin Hlaing, demonstrator is first heard of physics department within 1977 to 1984.

In universe, Physics is fundamental for not only living things but also non-living things. It is central to our understanding of the nature of the matter and composition and origin of the universe. Studying physics is unable to learn about the black holes, Solar Energy, high temperature superconductors, quantum mechanics, relativity, elementary particles, Plasma, superstring and the search for a unifying field theory. A well-chosen physics degree programme will also help you to develop the positive qualities sought by employer the world over and will give you the opportunity to lead scientist the technological developments. We are one of the parts of the Dawei University. We are a large, dynamic department with staff of, 2 Professors,4 Associate Professor, 8 Lecturers,4 Assistant Lecturers, 3 Demonstrators,11 MSc Year I,19 MSc Year II, 18 BSc (Hons) & MSc (Q) postgraduate students and 700 undergraduate students. In present, Professor and Heard of department is Dr Khin Swe Oo. We offer a wide variety of BSc, MSc, undergraduate and integrated degree course in physics, and theoretical physics. In 2018-2019 academic year, the number of graduate students are 77 undergraduate and 31 postgraduate.

Each year we admit about 250 students but the first year students are increased above 300 students in 2019-2020 academic year. After second year physics specialization student who are permitted to attend the honour class link to First Year Hons BSc (Meteorology) in Dagon University. In 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years, 5 students are studying the meteorology & hydrology subject.

Physics modules may be taken a component of a BSc or MSc degree in natural science. Our research concentrates on various fields of physics. These fields are Advanced instrumentation, Materials Science, Renewable Energy, Environmental physics, Theoretical physics, Electronics and Nuclear physics.

The Department is very strong in Renewable Energy, Theoretical Physics and Environmental Physics from the design of solar system, nanotechnology, wind speed, air pollution, wind energy and hot spring. We made some research works cooperatively not only environmental conservation Department, Ministry natural resources and environmental conservation Tanintharyi Region but also Department of Rural Development (DRD) in Dawei for master degree thesis student and Departmental projects for staff. Staff of this department is also participating in our undergraduate teaching. This outlines the expectation that, staff and student should have of themselves and of one another in relation of the department’s education provision.

So we will

                        -provide an excellent learning environment, equipment and resources

                        -provide opportunities for you to reflect on your own progress throughout your degree programme

                        -offer high quality intellectually demanding, research-led programme of study

                        -seek your views on your programme, listen to the feedback which you give us, then make it clear to you what action we have taken in response the overall comments received.